:: About Us ::

We are a technology driven company with extensive experience in the configuration, design,installation, commissioning and maintenance of comprehensive fire safety and security systems.We deal in both turnkey project execution as well as supply of standalone items of equipment.In the last few years we have met the critical needs of several large, medium and small business organizations across a spectrum of industries.Located in Mumbai, we service clients across Maharashtra and Goa. Our team of trained technicians is equipped toquickly and efficiently install and maintain any required equipment or system at short notice.

Global Quality at truly Cost-Effective Price
We offer the latest, world-class range of equipment from renowned manufacturers like Advert,
CAPTURE, HID and & Safety. The products include:

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems Thorn, Wiz Mart
Close Circuit Television Systems ADVERT, PELCO ,CAPTURE ,AURIC.
Access Control Systems HID, Rosslare, SYRIS ,FALCO.
Gas Leak Detection Systems Industrial Scientific & Oldham
Time and Attendence systems both card based and biometric based systems.

The crucial difference
There are several crucial differences between us and other suppliers of such products.
We offer only proven, international quality equipment.
We give free advice to our customers on the selection of equipment most suitable for their needs.
We provide reliable after-sales support and maintenance services.

Get in touch with us
We will be glad to come over, analyze your fire safety and security needs and recommend an
optimal equipment package.
Of course, what you will get is more than virtually foolproof products. You will get the complete
peace of mind that comes from the assurance of taking the best possible steps to protect your
assets, goods and people.
Do call us or send us a letter explaining your requirements.